Quite often, I receive inquiries for maternity or newborn portraits from women, who, when I ask if they have any interest in Birth Story Documentation (because I do offer a sort of package deal when pregnancy and birth or birth and newborn are booked together), they tell me no because they have scheduled a c-section. It is assumed that because there isn't the typical long lead up of laboring and possibly hospital policies about cameras being allowed in the operating rooms, that I do not photograph c-section births. But I do! Whether you are having a scheduled cesarean or your normal birth (at home or in a hospital) ends in a surgical birth, I still cover that. Because the moments of pre-op and new baby moments afterward are still the primary part of your birth story. Not just small window of actual delivery time. Every story is different and a planned c-section is no less worthy of documentation just because it may not seem as eventful as other births. I'd still love to share the experience with you.


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