Kelley and Scott tied the knot (hey, that rhymes) at their parents' beautiful home in Plymouth. The day was wonderful from the moment I walked in the door and was offered a cup of coffee by an excited and anxious bride keeping busy preparing plates of fresh fruit and cheese for all the ladies. The ceremony was full of laughs thanks to Charlie LeDuff officiating, and there were a few tears from the vows the couple had prepared for themselves. Rain cleared in time for a dry backyard wedding and reception. Even Shaq made an appearance, expertly hidden amongst the trees by Mom so he could bear witness to the nuptials.


Just wanted to share a couple of my favorites from Kelley's boudoir session at the Book Cadillac in Detroit. She had these portraits done as a surprise to her fiancé, now husband. We made her a "little black book" album and she delivered it to him on their wedding day this past weekend. Which means he has seen them and I am allowed to share with you all now. Enjoy.