The birth story of Layla is the longest one I have attended now in my career as a birth photographer, surpassing the previous record and making a new one at 25 hours straight on the clock. And I didn't even arrive until Mama had already been laboring for 14 hours. Poor thing. What began as a planned homebirth with Certified Midwife, Eileen Denomme of Woven in Love Maternity Services, turned into a non-emergent hospital transfer and ended in a cesarean section. My first hospital transfer and first c-section experience. Relief in meeting her daughter for the first time after such a long and exhausting labor was written all over mom's face. At least dad got to nap here and there after all of his support while she labored at home. Both parents and sets of grandparents were enamored with the new bub and were giving lots of love and cuddles when I left the hospital and the new Mama finally got some well-deserved sleep after all of her hard work. You know, until Layla decided she wanted to nurse.


Unknown said...

Jaclyn, those are some amazing and really powerful images!! Wow.

Eileen D said...

you did a wonderful job capturing that long day, thank you for sharing!

Emma said...

Absolutely beautiful images Jaclyn, you are hands down my favourite birth photographer - you capture emotion more artistically then anyone else I know.

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