A little bit like calling all tissue Kleenex even if it is not that brand, I can't help but call all instant film prints Polaroids. This can sometimes lead to confusion when I talk to clients about giving them Polaroids from their portrait session, birth, or wedding. While I DO have a Polaroid SX-70 Land Camera that I use for shooting Impossible Project Silver Shade film, I usually mean the peel apart film pictured above. Manufactured by Fujifilm. The two are quite different - both develop within seconds of shooting, but the peel apart film gives you a regular 3.25" x 4.25" print AND a usable negative. This rocks my face off because I love leaving the prints with clients for an immediate memento while they wait on the rest of their film to be developed and processed and it allows me to bring the negative home to scan into a digital file or print. With FP-3000B (the high speed black and white emulsion), there is usually more detail retained in the negative, particularly in the highlights. Sounds like a bunch of babble to those unfamiliar with film or photography in general, but it is a total geek point for photographers. I love it.


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