I always look forward to working alongside Stacia Proefrock and her team members. Bethany's labor and delivery was no different. From crocheting and knitting pow-wows in the living room to giggling in awe over a video of a very pregnant woman belly dancing while snacking on peanut butter sandwiches, it just feels like being around family. Medically trained and competent family, of course. One of memorable parts of this birth story for me as an observer was how Bethany kept apologizing while she was in active labor. Even during transition she apologized for being obnoxious with her vocalizations and needing water. I wonder if she has a little bit of Canadian in her somewhere, eh? (You know I love you, Neighbors!) Actually, I take that back. Now that my memory is jogged and back in that little room, the most memorable thing to me was how she kept saying, "Okay. Okay. Okay." Not that she was saying okay - but that she was using it as a method of self soothing. And I know that's what she was doing even if it was a subconscious thing because during her maternity portrait session and during our few phone conversations while I was on-call, I remember her using the same tone and word to console and comfort her two year old when she bumped herself or was upset. Hearing her say that to herself while her daughter was sound asleep in the other room just hit me. I loved it. And I'm glad that I remembered it now even though I didn't write it down like I told myself I would. Bethany was surrounded by the love and support of her mother, sister, niece, husband, friend (doula), and the midwives. Their positive and healing energies were palpable as she labored. Sisterhood is a powerful force. Don't worry, Jared, we know you were her rock through it all! And now you have little Jonah so you aren't outnumbered by females anymore. Love you all. Truly.


LeZandra said...

That gave me chills and tears. Beautiful!

chelsea said...

this is Chelsea (thelifeofpoetry) from instagram! stacia was my midwife! <3 <3 <3 <3 she's amazing. and so are these photos.

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