SHE CAUGHT ME! When I am shooting events, I get into a zone. And I'm sure I'm not alone. Should I throw in a line about a eating a scone? Sorry, couldn't resist a little pointless rhyming. Back to the zone. By nature, I am an observer. Even when I'm out with friends or family in social situations, you'll more often than not find me people watching quietly and only drawing attention to myself periodically if I have some sort of smartass sarcastic remark to contribute. Unless Mmmbop comes on the radio and then it's a one woman karaoke show. Wait, what was I talking about? Oh yeah. Photography. Zones.

Right. Well. One of the first thing I tell couples inquiring about hiring me to photograph their wedding or other event is that my shooting style is almost entirely documentary. Fly on the wall. Photojournalistic. You've heard all those buzz words, I'm sure. When I have a camera in my hand in situations where stories unfold, I like to be ignored. And sometimes, my brides and grooms actually do forget that I'm the hired photographer and say something, "Oh, sorry I almost bumped into you, I forgot you were here." Which is awesome. Because I'm kind of a ninja like that. But every so often, when I'm in my people watching zone, I get caught. And sometimes it ends up being really cute. Like this little guest. In the split second it took me to raise my Leica to my eye and focus the lens, she turned and made eye contact with me. And then the half second later it took me to re-cock the rewind lever and take a step closer, she bashfully buried her sweet little face in the safety of her Mama's neck.

So, I smiled and said a quick hello before moving on to the next wedding reception paparazzi moment. This reception took place in a spectacular tent on the grounds of Michigan State's Tollgate Farm grounds last autumn. Such a beautiful venue.


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