So. I have been staring at this blinking cursor for a while now. Multiple times I have opened up this blog post draft to write and each time just sat. Looking at it. Debating whether or not I should even write anything about the context of these photos. Even as I continue writing, I am not sure if I should or just let the photos stand alone. But decided I am. Writing. But briefly.

A month ago, Siobhan was diagnosed with a tumor in the front of her brain. This morning she will undergo surgery to remove it. Having portraits taken of her with her family as they were prior to the surgery was important to her and I was humbled that she chose me for the job. So, bright and early on the morning she and her husband were driving out to U of M to have more tests done and get some questions answered, I headed over to their home to document the flurry of activity of them getting ready to head out. Blueberry pancakes. Lists of questions. Cartoons. Begging pups. Smiles. And in the end, tears.

So. This is them. And now I am sending all my love and positive energy to Siobhan and the Kolcz family this morning.


Nina said...

My thoughts are with them too.

Teresa said...

Moments like these are the ones that should be cherished. The quiet time, the everyday are so often overlooked and are powerful in their simplicity. These are absolutely wonderful, Jacyln. I'm sending positive vibes their way.

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