This is the third year we have gone on our little annual family vacation in the Gatlinburg, Tennessee area. My mom and step-dad live in Florida, so it is sort of a halfway meeting spot for them to spend more than just a day or two with their grandkids when they come to town for various holidays. We never really do anything fancy, mostly just hang out in the cabin or walk around town popping in for a game of miniature golf or a walk through Ripley's Aquarium. Usually dinner at the Hardrock at least once as insisted on by my older sister - by the way, their veggie burger is pretty tasty. Messy, but tasty. Then after the chicklets are all put to bed, the adults play a game of Dominoes. This year I brought an assortment of cameras, including my Mamiya Universal for shooting some black and white instant film in the super dark dungeon of a cabin in the woods! My favorite part of shooting Fujiroids (not actually Polaroid brand, just instant pack film by Fujifilm) is giving the print to the person in the photograph and then keeping the negative for myself to bring home and scan to share with you all. Lucas and Adelaide are already asking when we can go on vacation with their cousins and grandparents again. More photos to come.


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