A couple days leading up to the birth of these two bubs, I got a few false alarm text messages from Lindsay's midwife, Stacia saying Lindsay was in labor. Then finally, at around 2am on the big day, I was told to get my butt over there. Lindsay was delivering in the home of the babies' adoptive parents, which was over an hour drive from my home. So, I called my sister-babysitter-extraordinaire to come over and crash on my couch then ignored a few speed limit signs in my hurry. Oops. But when I walked in the door, I was greeted with the sight of new daddy Mike holding his baby boy, born just moments before, to his bare chest. Surprise! From start to finish, Lindsay labored and pushed those twins out in TWO HOURS. It was awe-inspiring. Truly. This woman is incredible. Adoptive mom, Julie was absolutely beaming as she was on the floor waiting to help in catching her new daughter and didn't stop smiling the whole time I was there. It was just so great. Lindsay was surrounded by friends and doulas and midwives and when I stood back and took in the scene of the room, the phrase that came to mind was, "It takes a village." Sophia and Benjamin were born on their due date weighing 6lbs 9oz and 7lbs 3oz, respectively. Both perfect and beautiful. And okay, I am a bit of a birth junkie, so when Stacia called me into the bathroom to check out the crazy fused placenta, you know I had to take a photo of that monstrous thing. You can click to view it HERE if you're so inclined. It's rad. Trust me. My heart feels so full being one of the lucky people there to experience this successful twin homebirth. I cannot wait to get back over there to photograph how much these babies have grown in just a couple months.

Some of the amazing women present in the photographs:

Stacia Proefrock - Midwife
Trillium Birth Services in Ann Arbor, MI

Kate Mazzara - Midwife
Connie Perkins - Midwife Under Supervision
Mazzara Midwifery in Hartland, MI

Cynthia Jackson - Doula & Apprentice Midwife
Sacred Rose Birthing Services in Detroit, MI


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Valleygirl said...

That is amazing! Well done capturing the amazing experience it must have been

Tara said...

Way to rock it! The photos + the story are incredible.

Preppy Coastee said...

Amazing!! Kudos to her for giving her babies up for adoption.

Angie Muldowney said...

Amazing photos of an an incredible moment! Must have been tricky with the lighting and hectic environment but the pictures are all beautiful.

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Amazing!! Perfectly captured. It's like I'm there.

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Amazing.. Just an over all blessed story.

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I just saw the TV program on this and thought...wait a second..why does this sound like that beautiful home birth story I saw on Clickin Moms? What a beautiful beautiful woman and an amazing heart warming story. You told it beautifully with photos!

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