I love this family. Just. Love. Them. Trinity is the sweetest little girl with an adorable habit. Her hand is almost always down the shirt of Mom or Dad giving them little pinches. Of course, they don't think it's QUITE as endearing because they are the ones getting pinched! I am not Mom or Dad, and was a stranger before that weekend, so instead of reaching her hand down my shirt, she took to just pinching the underside of my arms whenever she'd be sitting on my lap or anywhere within arm's reach. I came home with tiny little bruises and looking at them reminded me of her. Sort of a badge saying I was accepted into her little world. And when Derick tried encouraging Trin to take her arm out of Shonda's shirt when we were taking the bedroom photos, I wouldn't let him. Because as a mom, I know Shonda is going to look at these photos in a few years when her little girl isn't so little anymore and laugh at (and miss terribly, I'm sure) the silly comfort mechanism of her boobie-babe. Thank you for letting me into your home. You are beautiful and I look forward to the day we can be together again.


Chris said...

Perfectly perfect.

Anonymous said...

Oh gosh, tears over here...Jaclyn, I don't think I'll ever be able to repay you for capturing these special moments in my life with my family. Money just doesn't cut it-if i had lots of it though, I would be a huge investor in your film career because you are going to go so.far. Thank you for being my family photographer, a dear friend and an amazing mentor. I love you!

Mandy Bertolini said...

Wow! Truly beautiful. Perfect work as always. And way to go cloth-diapering-mama!

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